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Thank you for visiting the Joanie Christian Photography webpage! 

How to view pricing or purchase an image

There are a variety of product and pricing options available.  For pricing, select the photo you would like to purchase, and hover your mouse and click on the green 'Buy' button on the lower right.  Select 'This Photo' and you will then see all the various options to purchase.

Multiple product options are available-Paper, canvas, metal prints, etc.   Sizes available vary from image to image, and reflect options that will print each image at the highest quality. 

Joanie's camera is a full frame Nikon.  Images displayed on the website are at the dimensions of a full frame camera.  If you order paper prints with the intent to purchase a standard frame at a retail store (8x10, 11x14, etc.), or if you order a size of another product that isn't the same dimension ratio as the original image,  please be be aware that there will be some cropping from the image which will alter the original composition.  

The website will allow you to see the cropped portion of the image that will be in your final order, and you can adjust what portion is cropped if you wish to purchase that size.   There will be size options available if you wish to purchase a product of the entire image without cropping.  

Panorama images (horizontal or vertical) have been cropped to a 2:1 or 3:1 size ratio to enhance the composition and versatility for display, so if you have chosen a panorama image, select a size that matches that ratio to ensure no cropping occurs.

The following are not listed on the site, but are available by contacting me directly:

*Wholesale pricing for retail sales

*Large scale prints  

*Custom packages and image bundles

*Commercial and Editorial Licensing 

*Photo orders for the Spokane and NE Washington region

*Graphic Design Services

*Custom calendars for businesses and organizations

*Corporate and architectural projects

To contact Joanie directly, use  the 'Contact' tab on the site or call her at 509-675-3403. 

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